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Samuel Colt is today remembered as the industrialist, businessman and one of the most influential inventor in the field of modern weapons industry. His inventions (with biggest one of them being revolver) started the new era of the arms race and greatly changed the way military actions were preformed.He also founded "Colt's Manufacturing Company" which continued to produce new and innovative gun designs all up to today (with many of them becoming the integral part of many armies across the world). For his contributions in the creation of the first revolver and its industrial made interchangeable parts, Colt was inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006.

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Samuel Colt was born in Hartford, Connecticut on July 19, 1814 as a son of the Christopher Colt (ex farmer, and by then with new businessman career). After his first wife Sarah Colt died, Christopher remarried to the Olive Sergeant and had total of eight children (three daughters who all died either while being young or by suicides, and four sons, with one of them dying from suicide while waiting for death sentence in prison). Young Samuel Colt received his education while working on a farm in Glastonbury from the age of 11. There he first came into contact with the scientific encyclopedia called "Compendium of Knowledge". He became fascinated with that book which described to him the lives of several famous inventors who created things that everybody thought that were impossible. Straighten by those tales, he heard the talk of several soldiers about the impossible gun that could shoot more than one bullets without reloading and decided to found a way to make this "impossible gun" a reality.

At the age of 15 Colt went to serve and learn about trade on a sea ship. There he noticed the ship's steering wheel and came to conclusion that its rotating properties could perfectly be used in a gun. Chamber that contained 5 or 6 bullet could be mechanically rotated after each bullet was fired, and gun user would need to reload the gun when entire magazine was empty. After returning home from his sea trip he presented to his father initial designs and the wooden model of the revolver. Although his father was not impressed with his invention, he approved the funds for the creation of the two prototypes. Colt went to England where he secured the patent for revolver and inspected the designs of Elisha Collier and his famous revolving flintlock rifle. After returning to US, he formed his first manufacturing plant and started his arms business. After a very rocky start he started production of his first revolver called "Colt Paterson", but all that came to end after the US economy crashed in 1837. After working several years on the waterproof telegraph cables and underwater mines, Colt finally returned into gun-making business in 1847 after he received substantial order from Captain Samuel Walker. Together with him he designed famous "Walker Colt" revolver and secured the funds for the creation of his new manufacturing plant "Colt Armory", which is active even today.

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Samuel Colt died January 10, 1862 in Hartford, Connecticut, at the age of 47.