Samuel Colt Facts and Biography

During his life, Samuel Colt managed to forever change the way of how the weapon industry worked. His vision of user replaceable parts, mass produces interchangeable parts, revolving firing chamber and the creation of the first “Colt” pistol paved the way for all of the modern firearms that we use today. Read about Samuel Colt facts, biography, his company and other information.

Samuel Colt Picture

Samuel Colt Biography

Remembered as one of the most important inventors in the field of modern weapon industry, Samuel Colt forever changed the way we use and manufacture firearms. His vision of a gun that is made entirely from interchangeable industrial made parts paved the way for the creation of all current weapons of today.

Samuel Colt Armory

Colt Manufacturing Company

Inside the walls of the famous Colt Manufacturing Company some of the most iconic firearms were created. Here you can find out about the history of this factory, from the early days of the first unreliable revolver, to the introduction of the some of the most famous firearms of all time.